Antonio Gaudi Essay

Topics: Sagrada Família, Antoni Gaudí, Barcelona Pages: 3 (1040 words) Published: May 14, 2013
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In The Life of Antonio Gaudi

Antonio Gaudi was born on June 25, 1852. Gaudi’s mother died when he was a young boy so his father and niece accompanied him most of the time. Antonio Gaudi was never the brightest student in school. He missed class often and his grades weren’t so good either but he did seem to ace only two classes: Geometry and the Project Design course. By this time teachers and others began to realize his talent of drawing. Antonio made drawings illustrating the school newsletter; he designed certain scenes for his school’s theatre. Gaudi studied in Barcelona majoring architecture, graduating four years later. Gaudi was influenced by very few people that caught his attention. Such as John Ruskin, Violet Duc, and William Morris. They were all writers and even taught architecture in the process. Because of the fact that Gaudi was so interested in architecture, the men that he admired gave him a push to pursue and continue to do what he loved best. He would read and study from day to day. In the process of looking up to those men, Gaudi found himself and created his own personality. Antonio had blonde hair and blue eyes. He was Mediterranean and he was proud of it but along with his pride came along with a bad temper. Gaudi himself said that he was never able to control it. Eventually, Gaudi was interested in the workers social problems, and began to feel attached to the people that he talked to. This helped his bad temper and attitude for the most part. Antonio’s father had to sell their families property in order to pay for Gaudi’s education. He had to work for the Barcelona builders also. His first projects were drafting and working on the apse and niche of a church. Gaudi then had the advantage to enjoy everything that he had gone without and couldn’t do during his education as soon as the projects were done. Antonio had a reputation as a "dandy...
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