Antoni Gaudi

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  • Published : July 25, 2010
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Antoni Gaudí
Describe Innovation:

Background on the Designer: Antoni Gaudí was born in the region of Reus, which is located in Catalonia on 25th of June 1852. As a child, Gaudí suffered from arthritis which kept his school attendance low and forced him to spend more time outdoors with nature and animals. Approximately the year of 1870, Gaudí moved to Barcelona to study architecture at the Provincial School of Architecture. His marks were quoted ‘What had been produced in these two courses was either the work of an insane man or a Genius’.

Motivation/Purpose of Designer: Gaudí’s parents, Francesc Gaudí Serra and Antònia Cornet Bertran, both working in the Coppersmith Industry and their whole families were Coppersmiths, so having both parents as sculptures and a designer of artifacts; it was only a matter of time before Antoni was struck by the family traditions.

Market Opportunities identified. The art that Gaudí produced brought in heavy attention from locals but mostly from tourists. People from all over the world travelled to Barcelona to observe The Casa Milà. This also raised interest in Architecture, as people started to notice Guadí’s designs and unique style, more people wanted to join the industry of architecture.

Parameters/Limits of design. Gaudí had no limit to his design, his designs were one of a kind and no-one to this day has ever come close to the distinctive sense of style. His designs turned Barcelona into a tourist icon.

Other possibilities investigated. Gaudí did not just design buildings. He also designed landscaping in parks; the famous Park Güell in Barcelona is a great example of how he stretched his abilities in all aspects of design. Gaudí loved mosaics, creating a spectacular multi-coloured mosaic dragon fountain at the main entrance of the Park Güell.

How possibilities were investigated. Gaudí needed to be highly sophisticated, he needed a great understanding of mathematics, engineering and drafting to create the art...
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