Antivirus Software.

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1. Install a virus checker.
Antivirus programs are software packages designed to protect computers against malicious programs or malware that may infect a computer when using the Internet. Using the Internet without an antivirus program installed is very risky, since viruses, worms and other malware will likely not be detected if they infect your system, which may cause system instability. Installing virus protection is a very straightforward process; all that is required is purchasing or downloading an antivirus program. * Insert your antivirus software CD into your CD drive

* Open the CD on your computer after it spins up; your computer will likely open the CD contents automatically, otherwise click "Start," "My Computer," and double click on the CD. * Locate the antivirus setup or install file and double click on it. The setup file should have an .exe file extension. If you downloaded your antivirus program the setup or install executable file will appear wherever the downloads are saved. * Follow the instructions of the antivirus setup process to begin installation. You will likely have to agree to a terms of use and press "Next," several times after reading screens of information before installation will begin. * Wait for the installation to complete, and then restart your computer. The software can be configured to run and update automatically or at a certain time the software setting.

2. Set fonts to large.
The font on a computer describes the attributes of the text on the screen, such as its shape, size and colour. There are almost limitless different types of fonts, and different Web pages and documents are likely to have fonts of different shapes and sizes. Small fonts can be difficult to read, especially for people with poor eyesight. There are several ways to increase the size of fonts on a computer screen. The procedure below shows how to change the font in Windows 7. The figure on the right shows how to do this in windows XP.

* Hold down the "Control" key and then push the mouse wheel forward. For many programs, holding "Control" and then moving the mouse wheel will increase or decrease the "zoom," which can increase the size of text.

* Open Internet Explorer, click "View," point to "Text size" and then click "Larger" or "Largest." The text size in browser windows will appear larger than the default setting.

* Change your system's DPI scaling. Click "Start," "Control Panel," type "Display" into the search box" click "Display," select "Medium" (text size will increase to 125 percent of the normal size) or "Larger" (text size will increase to 150 percent of the normal size) and then click "Apply." You will have to restart your computer before the changes will take effect.

3. Turn on mouse pointer trails.
Adding trails to your mouse pointer in Windows XP
* Open the ' Start ' menu by clicking on the ' Start ' button.

* Click on ' Control Panel ' or press the letter ' C ' on the keyboard.

* Once in ' Classic View ' double click on ' Mouse ' or

* Click on the ' Pointer Options ' tab or press ' Ctrl ' + ' Tab ' until the ' Pointer Options ' tab is at the front.

* Click the checkbox that says ' Display pointer trails ' or press ' Alt ' + ' D ' on the keyboard.

* To adjust the size of the pointer trails, either drag the slider underneath ' Display pointer trails ' or press ' Tab ' until the slider bar is highlighted and then use the ' left ' and ' right ' arrow keys to adjust the pointer speed.

* Click ' OK ' or press ' Enter ' to confirm your choice and return to Windows. You should now find that your mouse pointer has trails.

4. Turn on <ctrl> key mouse locator.
To configure using the CTRL key, on any version of Windows (XP, Vista versions), open Control Panel \ Mouse. In the Mouse Properties window, select the Pointer Options tab, and in the Visibility section, check the box next to Show location of pointer when...
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