Antigone - Short Essay 3

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  • Published : April 9, 2006
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Have you ever thought what would happen if you knew what was going to lead you down the wrong path? What could bring about such a downfall? While reading the book Antigone, one could not even begin to express the tragic flaw seen within the character named Creon. Not only was Creon the king, but also was a character who suffered one too many cases of a selfish heart. Creon's actions can be discovered through his lack of acceptance, lack of relationship, and his unbelievable pride. All of these actions started out small but eventually ruined Creon's life. When Creon stated "No woman while I live shall govern me," it gave the one a sense that he could be a sexist, or even a little more stubborn toward certain people ruling over him. This only proves how hard Creon's attitude of acceptance is to accept another person in power. It also can be seen how his lack of acceptance could turn into a downfall. This lacking of acceptance in Creon could one day be a life or death situation. For example, if Creon is told that death is near and he refuses to accept death. Whether he accepts death or not does not matter because death will still come. This supports the fact that Creon has a very stubborn will. Haemon was Creon's son who was engaged to Antigone. Due to Creon' s strict punishment for burial rites, Antigone was suppose be killed for burring her brother, Polyneices. Creon's son was determined to try to change Creon' s mind about Antigone. In hopes that Creon would have mercy on the soon to be daughter-in-law, Haemon confronts Creon by telling him he "makes remarks and never listen to an answer." Creon is set out to execute Antigone not only for breaking the law but also for disrespecting him publicly. He was so focused on her dying he missed the more important part, which was listening to his son's wishes. As a result of Creon not listening to Haemon it only makes the situation worst and their relationship more distant. There was...
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