Antigone Scene Assignment

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  • Published : April 17, 2013
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Question: As their conversation in Scene III breaks down, Haimon makes clear his opinion of Creon. What does Haimon think of his father and why does he think this?
Haimon believes that his father is wrong in having Antigone killed, and he believes that his father is being unwise in that he will not consult with anyone else on the matter. He thinks these things because he believes that no crime was done in trying to bury someone, and because Creon will not talk to anyone else about the situation. He thinks that he is right and no one else knows better than he does on the situation, which is foolish of him as a king. An example of how Haimon feels about Antigone’s penalty would be, “CREON: Are you suggesting that a man of my wisdom and experience can learn from a mere boy? HAIMON: You should not listen to me if I am wrong. But if I am right, what difference does my age make? CREON: So you think it is wisdom to support an anarchist and a traitor? HAIMON: I would never support a criminal. CREON: Are you saying she is not a criminal? HAIMON: I am saying so, and so does the rest of the city.” Haimon blatantly defies what his father thinks is the right thing to do, and tells him that he thinks he should seek advice from others. “A man of reason will listen to reason. Trees that bend in the flood return to life when the flood recedes, but stubborn trees are pulled out by the roots. The sailing ship that never loosens its sail will fall in a gale. Please put aside your anger. Listen to wise counsel and learn from others.”
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