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  • Published : April 5, 2011
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For Every Sin, There is a Resolution: An Analysis on Theo’s Internal and External Conflicts

In many literary works, characters tend to have both an “inner life” and a “public life”. In For Every Sin, written by Aharon Appelfeld, Theo faces many conflicts between his memories of both his parents and his struggles on staying with the refugees. These conflicts do not only have an impact on his destination, but they also define his character, introduce him to his own personal identity, and develop his internal conflicts with the refugees that he has encountered throughout the novel. From the very beginning of Theo’s story, his parents have always been misunderstanding each other. In fact, his parents have a totally opposite personality. His mother is an unbalanced and an easy going person. In addition, she believes that life is very precious, and that they need to enjoy every part of it. For this reason, she goes on trips most of the time. She is fond of going on small trips, and always takes Theo with her. They would go and visit towns, countryside, and chapels. She loves going to Christian chapels because she is inspired by music. “Only endless, aimless journeys, in which she revered roadside chapels and church music, calmed her down” (Balanan 102), which is the reason why his father lets her go outside and does not oppose her from continuing the senseless trips. Also, he does not want her to get bored from staying home and be out of control. Theo loves going with her mother as “her mother enthralled him with her charms” ( Appelfeld 93). Because of this realization, his father sees that Theo “was also not under his control” (Appelfeld 93). On the other hand, Theo’s father is a very logical, balanced, and considering person. He wants Theo to have a good education because he believes that it is very necessary for everyone to have a successful life. For all that, Theo loves and understands his mother more than his father because he does not quite feels a connection...
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