Antigone and the Contemporary Feminist

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  • Published : April 26, 2007
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Antigone and the Contemporary Feminist

The feminism movement is a moderately new advance, which has grown increasingly popular over the past two hundred years. Even though the venture of women gaining equality with men is relatively fresh, women who have stood alone as feminists have been around for a surprisingly long amount of time. Antigone is only one example of a classic role model to contemporary feminists. Antigone is comparable to modern-day feminists for three reasons: she confronts an authoritative institution run by men, attempts to defend her state from an intrusive supremacy, and she refuses to conform to her culturally uniform role as a woman.

To begin, Antigone as a fictional character in Ancient Greek literature is a classic role model for modern day women because of her ability and courage to confront the male-dominated, authoritative institution that controls her life, both politically and socially. The first example we see of Antigone challenging the male-dominated society she lives in is when Antigone dismisses her Uncle Creon's laws. By defying her uncle, she is defying the entire city-state she lives in since he is its ruler. Not only does Antigone break the rules pertaining to Polynice's burial, she does so openly and honestly. When Creon confronts her about her illegal actions, she takes responsibility for the crimes committed. "What laws? I never heard it was Zeus/ Who made that announcement. /And it wasn't justice, either. The gods below/Didn't lay down this law for human use. /And I never thought your announcements/Could give you-a mere human being-/Power to trample the gods' unfailing, /Unwritten laws. These laws weren't made now/Or yesterday. They live for all time, /And no one knows when they came into the light. /No man could frighten me into taking on/The gods' penalty for breaking such a law. / I'll die in any case, of course I will, /Whether you announce my execution or not. /But if I die young, all the better:/People who...
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