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  • Published : April 15, 2013
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Sophocles' short story “Antigone” displays a myriad of tragedies intertwined in one family. Sophocles' heroine, Antigone faces execution, Antigone's betrothed Haemon toils with the moral dilemma of being loyal to his father or future wife, while Haemon's father, Creon refuses to learn justice until it is too late. Antigone is a strong-minded young woman, who forgoes the laws of society to honour her deceased brother with a proper burial. After mourning the deaths of her parents and two brothers, Antigone no longer has a jest for life. Antigone is only concerned with avenging the laws against her brother, even though it means she will put her own life in jeopardy. When speaking with Creon she immediately admits her crimes, “Yes, I confess; I will not deny my deed.” (1503). As Antigone is being sent to her execution, she laments her loss of experience in life. She begins to show very human emotions admitting that her life is unfulfilled without marriage and children, “Creon thinks me wrong, even a criminal, and now takes me by the hand and leads me away, unbedded, without bridal, without share in marriage and in nurturing of children; as lonely as you see me...” (1513). Antigone is overwhelmed with the tragedy that has become of her family and her own life. She gives in to the demand of Creon and commits suicide. Haemon is first portrayed as a loyal son who does not want to upset his father's decisions, "Father, I am yours; with your excellent judgement you lay the right before me, and I shall follow it. No marriage will ever be so valued by me as to override the goodness of your leadership." (1507). After further discussion Haemon begins to defend Antigone's freedom. He feels betrayed by his father's lack of empathy. This is evidenced in the repertoire between Haemon and Creon:

Haemon: I see your acts as mistaken and unjust.
Creon: Am I mistaken, reverencing my own office?
Haemon: There is no reverence in trampling God's honour.
Creon: Your nature is...
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