Anticipate the Unexpected

Topics: Toilet, Outhouse, Ecological sanitation Pages: 2 (790 words) Published: February 22, 2013
Today, I got stuck in the school toilet. I know what you are probably thinking right now. How stupid. You want know how? WELL I'LL TELL YOU HOW! :P It was a usual, boring day in class and the teacher was not in because she had a meeting to attend to. My hands were clammy. The sweat on the back of my neck was trickling as I was shivering vigorously. I clasped my hands together and slowly looked up to glimpse at the wall clock. As I watched the second hand of the clock ticking away, I gasped. Desperately, I glanced back at my good friend Shilpa, seated behind me. “I need to go” I mouthed these words to her and signaled her with my eyes the direction of the nearest loo. Shilpa just looked skeptically at me and raised an eyebrow. Quite the contrary, she got out from her seat anyways, and the both of us bustled down the school hallways to the loo. Once we have reached the loo, Shilpa waited outside because the stench was unbearable. I rushed into a toilet as quick as a flash because I was desperate. "AAAH. I'm so relieved" I said to myself. Little did I know, the toilet's lock was in such a way that you could be locked from the inside without realizing it. Oh the Calamity! “OH MY GOSH, WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?!?” I thought to myself. “SHILPAAAA!!!! I'M STUCK!” I shouted.

“‘Eh’, don't talk nonsense ‘la’” she replied in an exasperated manner. I waited two minutes for Shilpa to realize I was talking some SENSE. I felt like choking her!!! More ominously, I was stuck in a toilet with inadequate space while she was waiting outside the loo calmly, but when I came to think about it twice, I realized I wouldn't believe her if she was in my situation. Two minutes passed....
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