Antibiotic Ressistance Research Paper

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  • Published : February 26, 2012
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Vu Nguyen BIOL 1003/22 ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANCE LAB REPORT Introduction Natural selection is a non-random process in which individual with favorable traits for the environment will likely survive and reproduce than those without these traits. In contrast to Natural selection, Artificial selection is the process in which desired traits are intentionally chose to breed among individuals. Antibacterial resistance is the process in which strong and highly resistant bacterial is selected against weaker bacterial. The selected bacterial then continue to reproduce and create a stronger bacterial population, which is resistant to antibacterial materials. Antibacterial resistance is the result of natural selection because the bacterial with highly adaptable and stronger traits are selected against weaker bacterial. This phenomenon affects highly the way people use medicine and chemicals to treat bacterial. In daily life there are hundreds of antibacterial products are used to kill germs but do these products really work the way they supposed to is a big question because the way these products work is just to select strong bacterial, which will reproduce stronger and more resistant population, against weak bacterial. Thus, the higher concentration of antibiotic is used, the more resistant bacterial is. To be more specific, E. Coli (a type of bacteria) will become more resistant to triclosin (an antibacterial chemical) throughout the four rounds of the experiment. Methods To test the hypothesis, we use a lab experiment containing two parts. The first part of the lab is planting bacterial E. Coli and the second part is designed to select for the bacteria’s resistance. This experiment is replicated 4 times, which is each called a round, in one week. In part one, 50μL of E. Coli is taken from a tube of tryptic soy broth and planted onto a plate with soy agar, where the E. Coli grow and reproduce. Then the plate will be labeled in a way that reflects its source tube. After that,...
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