Anti-Virus Software

Topics: Computer security, Security, Information security Pages: 3 (974 words) Published: April 19, 2008
This report will outline that it would be useful for our company to subsidize free distribution of anti-virus software to our home users. There will be analysis of the connection between the company's network and home users and how this will help our company's problems with viruses. I will discuss the other issues besides providing free software to home users that affect the network security of our firm. Additionally, I will describe the roles of top management/non-IT management, IT professionals, and end-users in maintaining network security. Finally, I will bring out the role that Robert Vamosi envisions for corporate customers relative to free antivirus software based on his article, “Antivirus software must be free, Here’s why.” Analysis

The threat of viruses and other malicious software and the possibility of them getting on our company’s network does not have to originate within the company’s walls. A home/end user may unknowingly introduce this threat into the network. Viruses such as the Netsky (and variants of it) can open up a “backdoor.” A transmission control protocol port (such as port 6789/ TCP SMC-HTTPS or port 80) can leave the backdoor ajar. TCP (the TCP/IP or Internet Protocol) ensures that the message is sent in its entirety. A port is the way in and out of a computer or a network device like a router or switch. Hackers or black hats can scan for open ports and plant malicious program codes like those that can steal passwords and confidential information, such as a user's PIN and credit card numbers when he does Internet banking on that PC. Or, the hacker can turn that PC into a spamming machine. Another malicious virus: The Bagle.j virus which spoofs and spams. It can impersonate your e-mail address and mass spam, sending out unauthorized e-mail on your behalf. The dark side of this multi-havoc virus: It comes with a .zip file that is password-protected. The password sits in the body of the text. People are less...
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