Anti-Smoking/Lung Cancer: Awareness in England, Uk

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Anti-Smoking/Lung Cancer: Awareness in England, UK PART 1
My previous submitted
course work had not been acceptable to the European Journal of Marketing; one of the reasons behind was the literature review, which was not up to standards of European Journal of Marketing. In this re-submission there has been given a better focus on literature review. There has been better research put in comparison to previous one. •Other issue was that there were fewer references used to support the research which is really significant thing for the research of this level. Now more references had been used to back the research. •Moreover there was less focus given on the practical part of methodology such as focus group or questionnaires findings for the collection of data in last submitted work. This time proper research has been done to overcome the issues as proper questionnaire has been prepared and filled up by general public and useful data is collected to support the research.


Lung cancer is a disease caused due to the unrestrained growth of cells in the tissues of the lungs. Tobacco smoke or smoking is the major reason behind lung cancer. There are approximately 4 million people in England who are addicted to smoking or which are regular smokers. Though they are not hard to reach, but they are harder to change to non-smokers because of several factors associated to their lives. There are people who want to stop their smoking habit and use existing useful cessation strategies.

Smoking can become a regular habit. It is one of the most common addictions all around the world today. Nearly twelve million adults in UK do smoking, which includes 26% and 23% for men and women respectively. In 1974, men 51% and women 41% used to smoke cigarettes, around half the adult 12 people of UK. At present 1 in a quarter do smoking but the downfall in previous past has been heavily looked upon in old age people: that is, around every youngster is starting smoking but the one doing from long past are running away.

Above 80% of smokers gets involved in smoking in their teen age. In the UK around 450 children start smoking every day. In England one out of five 15 year-old children’s, in which males 16% and females 25% are frequent smokers, Regardless of the truth that it is not legal to sell tobacco products to children aged under18. Males and females in non-manual occupations smoke less than people manual occupations. Males 20% and females 17% in the professional occupations smoke compared to 32% and 30% of men and women resp. in manual occupations. People do give up smoking; about 20% of women and 28% of men are smokers who smoked before. Surveys show that about 70% of current smokers would like to give up altogether.

This article will be based on an analysis of a current advertising campaign. The reason for selecting this specific advertising campaign is because smoking is one of the most common habits in the world and this campaign aims to stop people from smoking with the help of shocking images. Lots of people who smoke know that it is bad for their health. The main objective of the NHS advertising campaign is to reduce smoking popularity by encouraging people who smoke to stop their habit. Adverts like this one works very well in making smokers realize how dangerous and bad smoking is and think about the harm they are causing to their bodies. The anti-smoking advertising campaign is a visual representation of what smoking does to people, “People end up hooked”.

The target audience, appropriate people from the community will be selected at opportunity for this particular anti-smoking advertising campaign. In order to analyse the population that is going to be targeted a demography will be included. The demography will include characteristics such as the age, gender etc of the people.

Secondary Data Collection:
In the beginning of year 2009 there has been launched four new anti- smoking...
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