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Market Information

Size & Growth

The ongoing habit of smoking among the teenagers in our country has become an alarming phenomenon. According to a survey conducted in 2005, nearly 25% of Bangladeshi teenagers aged 13-18 years are smokers. The survey also stated that the number of teen smokers increased almost 7% since 2000.

Target Market Profile

Our main target market is obviously not only those teenagers of Dhaka city who are smokers, but also the teenagers who might become smokers. In addition, the guardians of these teenagers are also our concern. We can divide our target market in some sub categories under demographic and psychographic characteristics. They are:


➢ Males and females aged 13 to 18 years old.
➢ Students
➢ Illiterate teenagers and labours
➢ Floating and street teenagers.


➢ Teenagers who associate smoking with their lifestyle
➢ Teenagers who interpret smoking as a symbol of fashion. ➢ Frustrated teenagers
➢ Association with smokers.

Reason Behind The Campaign

A lot many tobacco companies are doing their business in Bangladesh. Among these companies, there is multinational giant like British American Tobacco and local giant like Dhaka Tobacco and the marketing and promotional strategy they run for doing business (selling tobacco) is enormous. On the other hand, our country still lacks sufficient anti smoking campaign and this is why we are much more serious about running this anti smoking campaign for the sake of our future development.

Marketing Objectives

➢ To run a successful anti-smoking campaign.
➢ Later to spread this anti-smoking campaign nation wide. ➢ To bring the street child in the right path and thereby brighten their life. ➢ To utilize the street child as a young work force for the nation.


Considering all our objectives, segments and time period our estimated budget is 200,000,000 BDT.

Problem identification

➢ To create awareness among the teenagers.
➢ To encourage the teenagers to keep themselves away from smoking. ➢ To reduce the rate of smoking.
➢ To make teenagers understand that smoking is not only harmful for them, but also to those who stay around them.

Advertising Objectives

➢ To deliver anti smoking messages and the horrific effects of smoking to at least 95% of the teenagers who yet have not become addicted to smoking. ➢ To reach 95% of teenagers who are smokers.

➢ To give especial emphasize in informing the working class teenagers because there is negligible amount of anti smoking campaign going on for the purpose of informing these illiterate but important portion of teenagers. ➢ To inform the parents and guardians of these teenagers, in order to create an anti smoking environment.

Positioning Strategy Statement
The positioning statement of the campaign is –

Don’t Let Your Life Fly Away Like Smoke.

Through our anti smoking campaigns, we will make the teenagers (smokers and non-smokers) realize that how smoking can direct a precious life to complete catastrophe. Therefore, the teenagers can keep themselves far away from smoking because our positioning statement clearly depicts the ultimate end smoking can cause is death.

Creative Objectives

➢ To encourage government to restrict tobacco advertising and promotions, especially directed to children. ➢ Ban candy-flavored cigarettes.
➢ Require tobacco companies to disclose the contents of tobacco products, changes to their products and research about the health effects of their products. ➢ Require changes in tobacco products, such as the removal or reduction of harmful ingredients. ➢ Prohibit health claims about so-called “reduced risk” products that are not scientifically proven or that would discourage current tobacco users from quitting or encourage new users to start. ➢ Require larger, more effective health warnings on tobacco products. ➢ Prohibit...
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