Anti School Uniforms

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  • Published : September 7, 2010
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More schools throughout the United States are forcing students from grades kindergarten through twelfth to wear uniforms. Little do they know this irrational decision takes a major effect on the child's development to adulthood. Additionally, students should not have to wear school uniforms.

Taking away the child's freedom to wear what they want, violates their freedom of choice. In school, students are taught that the US is a free country, and they should exercise their rights. Enforcing school uniforms contradict these teachings.Consequently, establishing school uniforms as the dress code would be unfair for students to lose as a part of their freedom of choice.

Also, students should not be required to wear school uniforms because freedom of expression is a part of the students’ social life. Their social life is a significant part of their high school career and their future in various ways. The students need both the academic portion and the social portion to survive through their lives. School uniforms is the same as taking the social environment away from the students.Also, some students have trouble expressing themselves verbally. Some students have no other way to express themselves except by means of their wardrobe. Antisocial students would have trouble expressing themselves if this right was revoked. Wearing a uniform might make the student feel uncomfortable around people outside the school who do not have to wear a uniform.Additionally, school uniform rules enforce conformity. This hinders the students from creative abilities and limits personal expression. In addition, wearing their choice of clothes gives students their own individuality, as opposed to conformity.

Students enjoy wearing comfortable clothing to school, and uniforms are not necessarily comfortable. If students can not feel comfortable about themselves and their environment, they would begin to feel substandard about themselves and suffer with low...
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