Anti Racism in France

Topics: Anti-racism, Racism, Discrimination Pages: 2 (493 words) Published: March 13, 2012
Business Communication: Essay
1. Use the language of persuasion to present a controversial issue. (Fact, Value, Policy)

Anti-racism occupies a predominant place in French social life. Associations like SOS Racism occupy the media space, and embark on a true crusade against all that looks like discrimination. The criticism against these actions is often inaudible, because saying you are against would imply you’re racist. Yet, some excesses must be plotted out, on the one hand by concerns of honesty and truth, and the other hand because the fight against racism could benefit from it.

The principle of Republic is to seek the common good, to protect against attacks. Fight against racism, an attack on the citizen, is legitimate, but if this struggle led to defend every citizen. That is where the shoe pinches today; most of the actions carried out by the well established associations essentially condemn attacks against "visible minorities", from the waves of immigration in the 1970s, leaving the other kinds of racist attacks aside. At the hands of this inequality, contrary to the values advocated by the French Republic, some are are insurgents. Unfortunately, this theme was brought in the public debate by the extreme right, demonizing this position. In front of this inequality of treatment, some are taken to regard this as an "anti white" racism, playing in the hands of the extreme right. Using minorities as criteria for racism is also playing in the hands of communitarianism, paving the way to racism. The current racist anti movement is indirectly a cause of racism. The fight against racism would greatly benefit to recognize all kinds of racism, to register to the equality requirements of our Constitution. Current anti racist struggle is not suitable with the values of the Republic. This action against racism also raises a point of real effectiveness. Particularly present in the media, the anti racist associations tend to respond to all public comments,...
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