Anti Money Laundering

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  • Published : May 27, 2013
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3101 - Anti Money Laundering Measures and Business Ethics
1. Definitions

Money Laundering
Terrorism Financing
Relationship with other crimes and world economy
2. Money Laundering

A. Methodology

2.A.1 Placement
2.A.2 Layering
2.A.3 Integration
2.A.4 Issuance of Cheque
B. Sources and Techniques

2.B.1 Crimes and Civil wrongs

Nature of crimes

2.B.2 Corruption, Drug Trafficking, Ransom, Counterfeiting, Copy Rights violations, Arms Smuggling, Stock Exchange Frauds Learning from 79 Federal Violations in USA

Nature of Civil Wrongs

2.B.3 Structured Insurance Policies, Letter of Credit, Abuse of Credit Cards, Structured Loans, Under or Over Invoicing, Transit Trade, Free Zone Concessions, Correspondent Banking , Negotiable instruments, Telegraphic Transfers, Off shore transactions.

Formal Institutions

2.B.4 Off shore or shell Banks, Insurance and Investments Companies, Bureau De Change, Pension Funds, Shell Corporations, Venture Capital, Casinos, Travel Agencies, Real Estate Agents.

Informal Institutions

2.B.5 Cash Business and Transactions, Hundi, Hawala, Fin Chin, Peso Exchange System, Antique Dealers, Precious Commodities dealers. Lotteries.

3. How the banks are abused?

Review of the accounts with case Studies
Review of the customers with case studies
Review of the transactions with case studies
Case studies of BCCI , Bank of America etc
Walking Accounts and Numbered Accounts
4. International Initiatives and relevance with KYC

A. Initiatives

4.A.1 Concepts and Objectives
4.A.2 Bank of International Settlement and BaselCommittee
4.A.3 UN Convention on Financing of Terrorism 1999
4.A.4 UN Convention on Narcotic Drugs 1988
4.A.5 OECD Conventions on Corruption and Bribery1997
4.A.6 UN Convention Against Transnational Organized Crimes 2000 4.A.7 Financial Action Task Force's Recommendations (1990...