Anti Lice Oil from Guyabano (Annona Muricata L.) Seed Extract

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Soursop, also known as guyabano in the Philippines is prominent three times a year; every summer, rainy season and even during Christmas. This kind of fruit is eaten but the tendency of some people is throw away the seeds of it. There are instances that these seeds are used to plant such trees. Some people think that these are useless though it can be used as a treatment for lice since it contains resin that irritates lice. Every summer, some people especially teenagers, experience having lice on their head. These pests live on their head and gives itchy feeling that can irritate the person. Having lice is a problem experienced by the children, teenagers and sometimes, even adults. How will the seed of guyabano be useful to man and how will lice be killed/lessen, lead the researchers to conduct the research study and experiment?

General Statement:
The main purpose of the study is to make Anti-lice oil from guyabano (Annona muricata L.) seed extract. Specific Questions:
1. Is it possible to make an anti-lice oil form guyabano (Annona muricata L.) seed extract? 2. Can the anti-lice oil from guyabano (Annona muricata L.) seed extract eliminate/lessen the production of head lice? 3. Can the anti-lice oil from guyabano (Annona muricata L.) seed extract be effective?

Statement of the Hypotheses
1. It is possible to make an anti-lice oil form guyabano (Annona muricata L.) seed extract. 2. The anti-lice oil from guyabano (Annona muricata L.) seed extract can eliminate/lessen the production of head lice. 3. The anti-lice oil from guyabano (Annona muricata L.) can be effective.

Significance of the Study
The study will be important to the following:
* To the environment, this will help lessen those wastes in a way that some guyabano seeds are mixed with non-biodegradable wastes. * To the people concern, which has lice, this will serve as treatment, for their problems specifically in their hair. Another is that they can save money because either people at home can do this alone, especially to the students who have head lice. This will help boost their performance at school in a way that they will gain confidence and they will not be bothered by these head lice.

Scopes and Delimitations
This study aims to make an anti-lice oil from guyabano (Annona muricata L.) seed extract and to determine the effectiveness of the product against lice. Guyabano seeds weighing 20 grams will be gathered within the vicinity of Palingon and Banlic as well as the mineral oil that the researchers will be using to make an anti-lice oil from guyabano (Annona muricata L.) seed extract. The researchers will be limiting the population to 5 respondents exclusively for girls with lice only. The selected respondents in Palingon and Banlic specifically in Banlic Elementary School and Palingon Elementary School will be testing the anti-lice oil in three days. The researchers will conduct a survey in which the five respondents will approve or disapprove the product. The study limits itself to guyabano seeds and its effectiveness from being an anti-lice only and not in its different parts and its side effects.

Definition of Terms
The following terms are defined either conceptually or operationally for better understanding of the study. * Annonaceous acetogenins
* Chemicals found only in the Annonaceae family which are anti-parasitical * Head Lice (sing. Louse)
* A wingless tiny insects that live on the skin covering the top of the head called scalp * Mineral Oil
* Oil from minerals; includes petroleum, baby oil, cosmetic oils and etc. * Resin
* Thickened and sticky substance that oozes from certain plants that can irritate lice CHAPTER II

A. Review of Related Literature
Guyabano(Annona muricata Linnaeus)
Habit is a small tree or shrub, evergreen/deciduous, 4 m to 9 m high, or even 15 m....
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