Anti-Guns vs. Pro-Guns

Topics: United States, Firearm, Weapon Pages: 2 (819 words) Published: August 18, 2012
Anti-Gun Vs Pro-Gun

Firearms, are they good, or are they a safety hazard to everyone in this world? Are they so dangerous that no one should be allowed to own them or are they so necessary that we cant live without them? Are we to strict on the laws involving firearms? This argument has been going on for many years. Guns have been around since the beginning of our nations time. Knowing this, why would we ever think about banning the right to bear arms? In the past decade more and more crimes are being committed involving firearms. As our world becomes more technologically advanced, so does our weaponry. Our weapons today are the strongest and deadliest we have ever seen. Does that mean that no one should own them? Many people strongly believe that no one should be able to own a gun in the United States. The opinions on why can vary. Although the majority of the anti-gun group have the agreement that guns are a danger. The truth is, they are very dangerous if used incorrectly. One of their main sayings is “Guns kill people”. They’re right, guns do kill people and if a gun is placed in the wrong hands it is almost certain that someone will get hurt. According to 34 Americans are murdered with guns everyday, that’s 12,410 people murdered in a year with a gun. In the past decade guns have been getting out of control, there have been numerous plans and campaigns all about gun control. None of them seem to really be effective. Although for many years there have been many anti-gun groups and campainges theyre not the only ones with strong feelings towards guns. For as many anti-gun activists there are in America there are just as many if not more pro gun activists. The largest pro gun group in America is the NRA (National Rifle Association). They are a group dedicated to protecting the second amendment. Pro gun activists believe that owning a gun is every citizen’s right. It’s true, the right to bear arms is the second amendment in the...
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