Anti-Gay Marriage

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  • Published : December 16, 2012
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The Destruction of Marriage

Since the beginning of time, the institution of marriage has always been traditionally defined as between a man and a woman, never a man with a man or a woman with a woman. Therefore same-sex marriage should be illegal. Same-sex marriage is immoral as well as against God's Word. It would also weaken the respect and existence of the already faltering institution of marriage. Same sex marriage is considered a "slippery slope" that could potentially lead to other things such as incest, polygamy, and bestiality. The original purpose of marriage was to procreate. Since homosexuals can't have children, they are only doing it for their own gratification. It also promotes the gay lifestyle which studies show leads to a lower life expectancy, psychological problems, and other problems. If the gays do decide to have children those children will grow up incorrectly. A perfect child is raised in a perfect home. Mother + Father = Good Child. Two dads or two moms don't know how to properly raise a child. A child needs a mother and father to grow up properly. Children need role models of both sexes within a household, especially boys. Boys without fathers generally grow up to become underachievers and are more likely to become homosexual in the future. Children with gay parents are more susceptible to bullying and teasing from their peers. Children are cruel creatures and are especially cruel to children different from them. Also, the majority of famous, successful people have two parents. Look at all the successful people on television right now. They all have two straight parents. Marriage is not a civil right. Society can dictate what kind of sexual arrangements they want even if it discriminates against a certain type of people. Therefore if a large group of society opposes it then it should be banned. Issues like these are very controversial and should handled with delicacy, taking into account all sides of the issue....
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