Anti-Federalist V. Federalist Ratifying the Constitution

Topics: United States Constitution, Articles of Confederation, United States Pages: 2 (571 words) Published: May 18, 2011
Anti-Federalist v. Federalist Ratifying the Constitution

Many controversial domestic issues have divided the American people. The United States government has taken action to address the ratification of the constitution. The controversial issue that the United States was going through was with the Anti-Federalist that opposed the Ratification of the Constitution. Since the Federalist wanted strong central government and the Anti-Federalist wanted a state government. I will be addressing the controversial between the Federalists and the Anti-federalist and how they opposed and came to a compromise, having the Bill of Right that became part of the Constitution.

Since the controversial with the constitution, Anti-Federalist thought that if they were to have a strong central government there could be another king or ruler that would dominate the country. The most important event that led up to this problem was because of the Articles of Confederation. The Articles of Confederation was made weak and it was decided that there would be no more king. Under the Articles of Confederation, there were laws but it did not have an executive branch that would enforce the laws and because of this there was no one to stop the Shay’s Rebellion. During that time this impacted the societies economic and the unity of everyone because every state function independently thinking about their own interest instead of the nation as a whole and as well as the votes that were determining on the state’s population.

The point of view of those who supported the constitution is that it balanced the power between the state and national government. Those that opposed ratifying the constitution thought that having a central government would only serve the interest of politician and abuse the power of the constitution. The Anti-Federalist wanted to secure the rights of the people and they knew that it lacked of protection for individual rights. I think the groups voiced their...
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