Anti-Epal Campaign

Topics: Politics, Pinoy, Filipino people Pages: 2 (556 words) Published: December 7, 2012
Augmenting the Anti-Epal Campaign

Anti-Epal is an ongoing shame campaign on Facebook against the practice of politicians using government projects to promote themselves. Their aim is to put a stop to the habit of politicians of putting blaring names and photographs in ubiquitous political ads, signages, and other posters of government projects and programs. "Epal" is Pinoy slang referring to people who likes to hog the limelight, get noticed or, plainly opportunists who like to get credit for everything. Through Anti-epal, netizens have put this slang to a more political use, pointing to the various shameless promotions, self-serving gimmicks and ploys used by politicos . This campaign headed by UP CFA students will augment the Anti-Epal movement by integrating several multi-media channels into a cohesive, all-out crusade against these shameful political habits.

Thesis Statement
The public needs a proper, organized avenue to participate in the formal rejection of the practice of attaching politicians’ names and photographs to anything and everything (that by doing so, their credibility as a public servant is suspect, and that should they not recognize the error, the public will not vote for them anymore).

Statement of the Problem

In a political system of democracy that is driven by credentialism and name-recall, the practice of excessive self-serving self-promotion of politicians using projects built by project funds is finally and openly declared shameful and is to be stopped.

To engage the citizens into actively participating in a social and political change to rid the country of the epal attitude of a significant number of politicians that is plaguing the current system.

Target Audience

Filipinos of all ages who have Internet access, and pedestrians/residents on public roads where the effigy will be paraded through.

The campaign will kick off by spreading a viral, short film that will act as a call to...
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