Anti Corruption Pictures

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  • Published: February 18, 2012
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Encourage, Enable and Empower Every citizen of Bangladesh eliminate corruption at all levels of society

Towards corruption free value oriented students

Youth festival organized by Transparency International

Corruption in cartoon

Will u Fight for the corruption free Bangladesh
like Anna Hazare

Manoj Basnyat (L) and Lt. Gen (retd). Hasan Mashhud Chowdhury (R) Discuss their plan for making Bangladesh corruption free

This picture depicts how hundreds of files pile up without
any real work being done at public offices, thereby adding
to the nation's low productivity rate in every field.

This photo shows how some young people have
been punished for entering a park in Foy's Lake without tickets

Students cover the eyes of the famous sculptures that represent the fight against violence, symbolizes the shame that the youth feel at how deeply the country has sunk into corruption.

Youth journalism against corruption

A new controversy arises regarding Anticorruption commission

Corruption exits everywhere including Govt. Offices in Bangladesh

Searching the proper way- corruption or anti corruption

Silent protest of students against corruption

Corruption free future Bangladesh

During 1/11 in Bangladesh

Students are the source of power of every revolution

Nationwide students youth movement for a
Corruption free democratic Bangladesh

We need an Anna Hazary

Role of corruption in trafficking in persons

Oppression by low makers & protest by students against
Irregularities & Corruptions in Bangladesh

World Youth Movement

Challenge of measuring the Rule of Law by Index

Where are we at in the fight against foreign bribery?

Favouring Corruption by sharing- best practice

Time for action and partnership
in the fight against corruption

Corporate corruption- the sprit is willing but the flesh is weak

Rethinking corruption


Student politics remain in the hand of corrupt politicians...
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