Anti-Communism and Mccarthyism Paper

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  • Published : December 19, 2011
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Anti-Communism and McCarthyism
America has both seen and had to face many obstacles which include several wars and a Great Depression. During those times America had many challenges to face, many of which almost led to the destruction of the foundation of the country. The most memorable is the Red Scare which is a result of anti-communism and McCarthyism. This paper describes the differences between anti-communism and McCarthyism. Next, the perspective from which the media covered the issue is analyzed. In addition to the perspective of the media, the American foreign policy decisions are discussed as to how the decisions impacted anti-communism. Finally, the lives of Americans are examined as to how the Red Scare impacted many families. Difference between Anti-communism and McCarthyism

Ideologically speaking, anti-communism is a common belief that communism is harmful or wrong. Anti-communists see communism as a way of attaining power through wars or by revolution. Anti-communism is a general term that refers to an individual opposing atheism and includes liberals, socialists, and conservatives. In a 1953 New York Times newspaper article Senator Lehman stated: "This is not between Britain and the United States, but between McCarthyism and America's role of leadership in the free world Communism must be attacked with equal force since both seek national disunity and destruction of freedom" (The New York Times, May 24, 1953). McCarthyism was more of a communist scare tactic in the United States than anything else. During the height of the Cold War, a senator with the last name of McCarthy, an anti-communist, had a belief that communist infiltrated American politics. He referred to this as an “un-American activity”. Individuals that were suspected of being communists were put on what was called the blacklist. Employers were very afraid of his or her own reputations being ruined, this preveneted many individuals from being employed. Many individual’s...
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