Anti Americanism

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  • Published : February 5, 2013
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The term anti-Americanism refers to opposition or hostility to the people, policies, or government of the United States. Criticism and hatred towards America is inevitable but it is also important that it does not get out of hand. Anti-Americanism has been increasing since the September 11th attacks and a lot of people are not pleased with the Obama administration foreign policy changes since then. I think the September 11 attack damaged America’s self confidence and trust so much that we had to shift our foreign policy into defense mode. America has been labeled with negative stereotypes such as being aggressive, arrogant and ignorant due to the drastic measures we have made in order to defend our national security. President Obama is currently working on resolving the problem and realigning our foreign policy but restoring America’s confidence in order to decrease the growing anti-Americanism attitudes should be handled with patience, maturity and wisdom. As stated in the article, the first step in fixing the anti-Americanism crisis is to recognize the various types of anti-Americanism. Moises Naim’s, states that there are five types of anti- Americanisms: politico-economic, historical, religious, cultural and psychological. Different countries exhibit different types of attitudes toward the United States and therefore, there should all be addressed on an individual basis. In order to analyze the impact of anti-Americanism and examine potential responses to it, it is necessary to address the variety of different motivations, attitudes, and criticisms of the United States. I believe that creating new offices, positions, and coordinating committees designed to drive policy and address the different types of anti-Americanism can help alleviate some problems. Reducing the volatility and inconsistency of US foreign policies is also an important goal that can decrease anti-Americanism. Consistent American principles such as...
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