Anthropology of Health Care.

Topics: Culture, Anthropology, Cultural anthropology Pages: 13 (3160 words) Published: May 10, 2013

Title:| Introduction To Cultural Anthropology|
Code:| PG 151|
Credit points:| 8|
Contact Hours:| 3|
Lecturer :| Sibona Nega KOPI (PhD)|

This course covers the similarities and differences in human societies, from hunting and gathering to industrialized societies. It compares and contrasts Papua New Guinean beliefs and practices with those of other societies. Students are introduced to related cultural concepts and principles including holism and cultural relativism. Pre-requisites: None

Upon the successful completion of this course, students are able to: * Be aware of and challenge your own culture, worldviews, biases and assumptions; * Understand the concept and influence of culture;

* Know various anthropological research methods and how to conduct ethically sound research in anthropology; * Understand the relationship between patterns in behaviour and cultural influences; * Use written and oral communication skills effectively, employing methods appropriate to message and content; * Think clearly and critically, fusing experience, knowledge and reasoning into considered judgment; * Demonstrate the knowledge of culture’s role in society; * Develop a sense of cultural relativity

* Think clearly and critically, fusing experience, knowledge and reasoning into considered judgment * Summarise and write a critical view of an ethnography
* Understand the relationship between patterns in behaviour and cultural influences; * Identify, interpret, and solve problems, effectively implementing and evaluating proposed strategies.

Week| Date| content| Task|
Week 1| Feb 4, 6, 8| Introduction to Anthropology| |
week 2 | Feb 11, 13, 15| Awareness of your Culture, Worldview and Biases| | Week 3| Feb 18, 20, 22| Anthropological Research Methods and Ethics| 22 Feb., 2013| Week 4| Feb 25, 27, Mar 1| Cultural Diversity| Oral Presentation| Week 5| Mar 4, 6, 8| Concept of culture| |

Week 6| Mar 11, 13, 15| Gender| |
Week 7| Mar 18, 20, 22| Language| Mid semester test|
TERM ONE STUDY BREAK March 25 – 1 April (note: Good Friday 29 March and Easter Monday 1 April, 2013 both are declared Public Holiday)| Week 8 | Apr 3, 5| Adaptation and Economic Systems| Ethnographic Essay due| Week 9| Apr 8, 10, 12| Indigenous Peoples| |

Week 10| Apr 15, 17, 19| Sex and Marriages| |
Week 11| Apr 22, 24, 26| Families and households| |
Week 12| Apr 29, May 1, 3| Religion| Research assignment due| Week 13| May 6, 8, 10| Anthropology of Health| |
Week 14| May 13, 15, 17| Globalization and Current Issues| | Week 15| May 20, 22, 24| Review Week| |
May 27 – 7 June 2013 Semester 1 Examination|

Below is a listing of some of the activities students can anticipate in this course * Lecture with class interaction
* Presentation of student research
* Group discussion and presentation
* Class discussion on assigned issues
* Class discussion on assigned readings
* Simulation activities: Trends and issues will be analysed for their ethical as well as social or legal significance. Students might role-play common situations for classmates to analyse. Current news may be used to generate discussion. * Case Studies: Complex situations and scenarios will be analysed in cooperative group settings or as homework assignments. * Speakers: Representatives from various related fields may be invited to speak. * Videos: Related topics will provide impetus for discussion. ESSENTIAL SKILLS DEVELOPED IN THIS COURSE

Students can expect to develop the following skills in this course. Computer Skills:
* Create a simple document in Word
* Perform basic document editing
* Understand file management: save, store and retrieve...
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