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  • Published : October 3, 2012
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Anthropology observation

Observation report

I began my observations in one of my favourite Coffee shops at 2.55 PM and finished around 3.45 on a Wednesday in late August. In order to ‘activate’ my role of participant observer, I ordered a caramel favoured coffee together with my friend, whom I had brought along to help me observe. I sat opposite the serving counter, where two female servants were now making my coffee, over in one of the corners so my observation wouldn’t be too obvious. Lit candles were placed on all tables and background music was playing, creating a cosy and relaxed atmosphere. Wondering whether this would affect my targets, I started to observe.

The first persons I laid my eyes on, where the waitresses. One dressed in only black were the other was wearing more casual - but still working clothes. Maybe a way to show who was the one in charge? The black-dressed waitress would look very serious and concentrated whenever the other was not around, however, when they were standing together behind the serving counter, they would meme and dance along to the songs – the casual dressed one being the most energetic of the two of them. She would encourage the black-dressed waitress to dance and meme along with her. Two girls entered the café, walked over to the table to my far left and sat down. The casual looking waitress would then hand them two menus, welcome them and walk away again. She was extremely friendly in her tone, looked them in their eyes and smiled – just how you would expect a waitress to behave like.

The two girls, who had just walked in, were around 17 and up. They sat behind two older women (mid 20s - beginning of their 30s), who was chatting and drinking coffee. Comparing the older ‘friend couple’ with the younger one was actually quite interesting, seeing how the two generations acted differently in public. The younger girls, were talking very quietly, explaining things with the use of their hands, leaning over the table...
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