Anthropologu Study Guide

Topics: Anthropology, Race and Ethnicity, Ethnic group Pages: 4 (971 words) Published: December 1, 2012
Boxer, “Manipulating Meaning” (in C&C)
Keenan, “Norm Makers, Norm Breakers” (on blackboard)
Wright, “Politicization of Culture” (on blackboard)
Guneratne and Bjork, “Village Walks” (in C&C)
“Kinship and Family” (intro to section five in C&C)
“Identity, Roles and Groups” (intro to section six in C&C) Lugu Lake Mosuo Cultural Development Association (, “Matriarchal/Matrilineal” and “Walking Marriage” Hand-Out, Questions/Responses about Mosuo of Lake Lugu (on blackboard) Gottleib, “Gender and Sexuality” (on blackboard)

“China: Women of the Country” (DVD) (also available on and youtube) Abu-Lughod, “Do Muslim Women Really Need Saving?” (in C&C) “Hijra” and “Kathoey” from video “Middle Sexes” (in-class) Fish, “Mixed Blood” (in C&C)

“Does Race Exist?” (Nova website)
Ritzer, “Race and Ethnicity” (on blackboard)
Bowen, “The Myth of Ethnic Conflict” (on blackboard)

1) “patrilineal descent-A rule of descent relating consanguine kin on the basis of descent through males only. Ex: 2) “matrilineal descent- A rule of descent relating consanguine kin on the basis of descent through females only. 3) “bilateral descent-A rule of descent relating someone to a group of consanguine kin through both males and females. 4) “walking marriage”-Men will walk to the house of their ‘partner’ at night, but return to their own home in the morning. EX: Mosuo community; women most often have different partners. 5) “matriarchy”-Mothers have ventral role in family, mothers are the leaders 6) “gender”-Shaped by everything and everyone around us, and how those around us themselves interpret our gender, the expectations they bring with them to understanding our gender; EX:Male nurses, female fire fighters 7) “sexuality”

8) “third gender”-individual who are neither male, nor female transgender EX: Middlesex and Jappy Boys 9) “burqa”/”veiling”-The veil that Muslim women must wear. It is appropriate dress in their society 10)...
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