Anthropologist at Mars

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  • Published : March 23, 2011
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The Anthropologist on Mars
“Anthropologist on Mars” was a very difficult text to analyze and comprehend on many different sections of the book. I have never read a book about different types of medical topics subjected to the better understandings of particular individuals who has a certain disease. In “Anthropologist on Mars” there were many complicated vocabularies for me to absorb, since I had never heard or learned some of the medical terms he had used in the book to describe certain things for Temple Grandin and autism as the medical condition. It was extremely difficult to understand what Temple Grandin was going through since I had to basic knowledge about what autism at all. Growing up as a child, I have never heard of autism. Since I didn’t have a better understanding about autism, it was extremely difficult for me to understand how a person would be categorized as being autistic. I often wondered how a person would be considered autistic when, depending solely on physical appearance by itself, they look exactly like a normal person would. Autistics had also been put into mental institutions back when they were just categorized as having a mental illness and not a medical condition in neurology. I had also thought that maybe people categorized them by the actions they had committed which were not considered as being normal in society. In order to consider a person to be autistic, a person’s actions would have to destruct the norms of what an average person would do. Maybe the autistics only developed certain traits from the environment that they grew up in which led them to become autistics. There is much confusion on what an autistic was and in order to clarify some of these confusions, it was necessary to get a glimpse of what autism really is. By rereading the difficult passages after doing some research about autism, it enabled me to better understand some of the materials stated in the book. After understanding what autism is, it was easier for...
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