Anthony Weiner: Public Figure Who Acted Unwisely

Topics: Social media, Lie, Woman Pages: 1 (264 words) Published: July 9, 2011

One public figure that I can say acted unwisely this year would be Anthony Weiner. The US Congressman used a social media site to send sexual photos of himself to a woman that was only twenty one years of age. When he was confronted about it he claimed that it was not him that sent the actual photo, also stating that he believed his account was hacked.

After Weiner realized that people were not going to believe his lies and find out the truth he made the decision to change his story. He decided to hold a conference and admitted to the public that he was a liar. He agreed to having several inappropriate relationships with women on social media sites such as facebook and twitter.

On one occasion one of the women asked him for advice on what to do when the media come after her, he told her to keep denying everything and eventually they would give up. Anthony Weiner was involved with six women over a time period of three years. I think he is a Congressman which means everyone trusts this man to be honest and trustworthy which he was not. When it comes to this scandal I think he is lacking both emotional intelligence and successful intelligence that causes his lack of judgment.

First Weiner tried to lie to save his career then he admitted the truth mainly because more women came forward. I think the former congressman is lacking commitment in all aspects because he did not take his career or his marriage seriously.
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