Anthony's Dilemma

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Gen 105 Week 2 Communicating for Distance Education

Hi Mom I just wanted to let you know that I am ok. I was a little rattled in the car accident but all is well. The car is a little damaged but I will have to take care of that with the insurance co. I hope all is well back home with you! Other than the accident things here are GR8! The weather is AMAZING and I’m having a BLAST with my friends… I sure can’t wait till ya’ll can come and visit, ya’ll will love it here! Everything is so exciting. The insurance co. will be able to everything worked out in a jiffy with the car so no worries, promise! I know how you worry Mom. We do not need any of that! I love you and we will talk soon! Miss you lots!

Dear Mr. Bob Wright

I am writing concerning the car accident, I was involved in on May 20, 2012. The car accident was minor; and there were not any injuries involved. There were slight damages that are concerning, and need to be addressed. When the other vehicle involved struck my vehicle from behind; it broke my rear window, bumper, and trunk. The vehicle needs to be looked at by an adjustor, so that we can determine the route to take to getting the vehicle fixed. I really appreciate your assistance with this and if you need to contact me, you may do so by email at or by phone at 713-890-2504.

Mr. Anthony MacMurray

Anthony’s Dilemma

It is important to make sure that one uses inclusive language when communicating in a class forum so that the person speaking knows that they are getting their point across. It is quite important to make sure that when one is speaking the speaker is able to include all readers. If one fails to distinguish and continues to go on with the lesson and not take into consideration all of the pupils, then there will be pupils that are going to feel let down and left out. The ones that are less able to grasp the information will tend to fall behind and feel excluded. Overall, it will cause a...
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