Anthem Essay Contest

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  • Published : November 9, 2011
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Anthem Essay Contest
​There are several unique factors that affect life expectancy of every human being alive. The margin between those with high life expectancies and those with low life expectancies is indeed a large one, and it is steadily increasing. In Anthem, we are introduced to a society that considers the age of 45 to be “ancient”. While they are a futuristic society, they chose to live in a society that resembles the past. For instance, the light bulb invention is considered an insurmountable feat- beyond anyone’s imagination. This exhibits the lack of technology in such a society, thus raising the question as to it’s affect on how long people in this society live. ​In the book, everyone is treated as equals-as one. They are not cognizant of their surroundings, their identities, or even their own physical characteristics, because they dwell in a society that is bent on maintaining the status quo. They are taken away from their parents immediately following birth, put into a house with all the other children, and when they turn 15 years of age, they are given their life’s work- with no room for choice. Life is pre- arranged; no thought put into it, only to follow out with the orders one is given. This type of environment is conducive to depression, uncertainty, and low self-esteem- all factors in one’s well being and therefore, life expectancy. By domination of the minds in society, the people are suppressed from free will and lack of any type of creativity. ​As stated earlier, the lack of technology is also a huge factor in the dismal life expectancy of the society in Anthem. Because of the lack of technology, they are incapable of extending the life span, nor do they provide proper treatment and medication that would drastically prolong one’s life.  This society cannot advance technology for medical purposes because it is too buys attempting at every chance it receives to suppress thought, and chastise those who try to act independently. Because they...
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