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Topics: Incandescent light bulb, Sin, Ayn Rand Pages: 2 (576 words) Published: September 5, 2012
Sins and Transgressions to Success and Progress
In Ayn Rand’s Anthem, the main character is brought up into a society where individualism is never an option. In secret, this character broke these laws and constantly made what was called “transgressions” to the book’s authority figures. Near the books closing he states “Why the best in me had been my sins and my transgressions; and why I had never felt guilt in my sins.” Prometheus has came to understand that he was different and that his sins gave him his happy ending. For being different it made those around him believe that It was indeed sinful.

From the beginning, and his point of view you feel the sense of how unique Equality is from his brothers. His physical features, such as the way he walks or his height, making him what the Council believed “evil”. For example, he thinks of studying things and taking that knowledge into creating something, like so with the light bulb. His sins also give him a “twinkle” or spark in his eyes that isolate him from his “dull-eyed” brethren. For if his wrong doings didn’t give Equality that passion in his eyes he may have never been noticed by The Golden One.

Perhaps one of his greatest transgressions, and one of his greatest joys of Equality was The Golden One. The society was not allowed to pursue one another, instead their mating partner was chosen for them. Equality broke this rule by becoming incredibly attracted to her that he thought of getting to her before she was placed in the house of mating. However, Liberty was attracted to him as well. Which then took place of another sin, the way Equality and Liberty would signal to each other. When the men were sweeping the outskirts of town and the women were working the field, both would lift their hand over their forehead and look upon one another. This gave Equality happiness, even though it was forbidden.

Equality put in great commitment to his secret discoveries in the tunnel of the unmentionable times, another...
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