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Topics: Mind, Thought, Sin Pages: 5 (1823 words) Published: April 19, 2012
Term and Definition | Examples from Anthem| 1. Why is the character or act condemned in Anthem? 2. Should it be condemned? Explain why/why not.| 1. Transgression: the breaking of law or oath| * Transgression of Preference: Equality chooses International 4-8818 as his friend * “The laws say that none among men may be alone, ever and at any time for this is the great transgression.” * Transgression of communication: Equality speaks to Liberty even though Liberty is from different trades. * Transgression of Preference: Equality prefers to be placed into the House of Scholars | 1. They are taught that the individual is nothing, mankind is everything, and that everyone must be treated with absolute equality. To choose a friend is to single out, and elevate, one man from the group. Also, choosing a friend requires individual thought, personal choices, and value judgments, all of which are forbidden. They are expected to be mindless, and thus selfless. 2. It should not be condemned because physical attraction is inborn to us humans. At one point in our life we will long for a member of the opposite gender. There is nothing any council could do about it 1. Based on the Law of the World Council, being by yourself and independent without the company of your brothers and sisters is not allowed. Being alone is banned. 2. It should not be condemned because freedom to choose who you want to be with and who you don’t should be choice an individual should make. 1. They are taught that an individual is not allowed to speak or give any gestures to anyone other than a person from the same trade as you. If not followed, it is a transgression. 2. The autonomy of speaking and communication with anyone you choice to should not be condemned. It should be a choice an person themselves can make. 1. The jobs you are assigned to be are in the hands of the Council of Vocations. Therefore, a brother may not wish to choice there they want to been in for it is not their place to do so. 2. The desire to be want you want to be should not be condemned. Preferring over something you don’t want to do should be a right of freedom to think what you want to think and be what you want to be. Again, self-choice should not be condemned. | 3. Sin : an action to be regretted| * To write this is a sin… * This great sin, to be born with a head which is too quick. * It is a sin to think words no others think and to put them down upon a paper no others are to see * Greeting Liberty each day is a new sin Equality doesn’t wonder| 1. They are taught at a young age the rules of the World Council has on them and how it will be punished if done wrong or sin. 2. Saying down your thoughts should not be condemned. Even though you may not be able to speak your thoughts to others, you should at least be heard. 1. His teacher believes Equality is sinning just because he is unlike the others. He’s smart and a faster learner that his peers. 2. Being others should not be condemned because it is something that cannot be helped. The human mind is completely unpredictable. 1. They are taught not to think words no others can think (thinking beyond). To hide secrets for someone else not to see or hear is forbidden. But because he is writing this, he is sinning. 2. To write or speak your personal thoughts should not be condemned! Freedom of speech should be practiced and opinion can be made. It is in our mind set to have personal opinions. 1. To greeting another one from someone out of your trades is condemned and also a transgression. Equality calls this a sin because it could be an action he will regret. 2. Greeting someone in general with a friendly manner should not be condemned. Segregation by their work impedes with communication and this should not happen. You should not get in trouble by greeting someone different than yourself.| 4. Curse: the cause of evil| * Equality was born taller than the other...
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