Anthem by Ayn Rand: Analysis of Theme

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  • Published : June 14, 2011
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The theme of the book Anthem by Ayn Rand is the meaning of a man’s ego. This is the theme because in the book the people were not known as their own person, the group was referred to as one. In the book there were really strict rules to make sure everyone was equal. The people were not allowed to use the word ego. The people in the book were not known as one they were considered to be part of the group and the group was considered to be one. They called themselves us and we, not I and me. None of the group knew about the words I and me. Equality 7-2521 and Liberty 5-3000 discovered the words, I and me, at the end of the book and they decided that from then on they would use those words instead of us or we because it separated them from everyone else. After they discovered they discovered what ego was they realized how important it was. The people in Anthem had very strict rules because they wanted everyone to be equal. If you did something wrong you would be punished, like if you were writing in a secret journal, saying the word ego, knowing something that their “brothers” don’t, etc. depending on how bad they considered the sin to be would depict how extreme your punishment would be. Some things that people couldn’t help were considered sins too like if they were six or more feet tall. The people in the book weren’t allowed to use the word ego, the word ego was not allowed to be used because it showed individualism, it was known to be a huge sin and they would be killed for using it. At the end of the book they understand the power in the word and how important it is. “The word which can never die on this earth, for it is the heart of it and the meaning and the glory. The sacred word: EGO” In conclusion the theme of the book Anthem by Ayn Rand is the meaning of a man’s ego. They had strict rules to try to keep everyone the same or equal. Each person was not considered one, they were not allowed to be individual and were forbidden to use the word ego....
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