Anthem Book Review

Topics: Ayn Rand, Individual rights, Collectivism Pages: 3 (836 words) Published: May 29, 2013
Ayn Rand expresses her views on the future with her book Anthem, which is full of adventure and mysteries that never stops surprising the reader especially with how she expresses her views on objectivism. Equality 7-2521 is a character that is on a journey into a discovery that will change his life. Pursuing his life, goals, liberty, and happiness is forbidden. Ayn Rand's works of political philosophical fiction states her negative views on totalitarianism while explaining how individualism is a necessity in life and using a romanticism approach at literature.

Anthem represents a totalitarian government which the leaders of the society have absolute control over its citizens and economy. Many times Ayn Rand states the horrors of this form of government and how it will lead to great evil much like how communist Russia use to be run but became corrupt. It's a perfect read for the political climate of our times. Learning is reserved only for the "wise ones." Prior to the age of fifteen you are raised by the state and do not even know your parents. Despite his yearning to learn, Equality 7 - 2521 is looked upon by the "wise ones" and assigned to be a street sweeper. No one sings, unless it is time to sing hymns to the state in the courtyard. No one smiles without reason. No one may divert themselves to any other hobby or interest except for what they have been appointed to do by the "wise ones." In the evenings, Equality 7-2521 begins to slip away and study things he finds in the tunnel. He has found debris left from what the "wise ones" refer to as the "dark times." From this, he begins to uncover more about the great power of the past and its secrets. As he continues to study, Equality 7-2521 makes what he believes to be a revolutionary discovery. He thinks that by bringing this to the Council of Scholars, it will make up for his crimes; sneaking away, learning, and working alone, all of which are forbidden. Equality has been driven into a path that was chosen...
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