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  • Published : December 15, 2011
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In the book “Anthem” everyone is forced against their will in being equally alike; it is against the rules to be different. If you were to disobey the rules or refer to yourself as “I” you will be severely punished or put to death depending on the type of situation. For example, there was a man with gold hair and blue eyes that had his tongue torn out of his mouth and was being burned alive for speaking the unspeakable word. The unspeakable word is the word that equality 7-2521 is intrigued in discovering even though it is a sin. Prometheus (Equality 7-2521) came to understand that he is unique and he can assist his society. His society regards the “best in him” as sinful because his society does not like changes. Prometheus is a man who is different; he is curious, intelligent, and brave. This set him apart from the others.

As time go on Prometheus develops his own individuality. When everyone is asleep or following their orders and routines Prometheus journeys off on his little explorations to develop new discoveries never been made or brought up. His curiosity brings him to a cave like tunnel where he later carries out on his research. There he would store his stolen equipments from the Home of the Scholars; a place where you would precede to if the five members of the council told you too. In the Home of the Scholars you are to study the earth and learn from the

rivers, from the sands, from the winds, and from the rocks. Prometheus terribly wished for this type of work, but he was given the job as a street sweeper. This however did not stop him from what he yearned for. When Prometheus feels that he can be diverted from his brothers he sets off to his secret tunnel and begins to conduct experiments. There he created electricity from only a box of glass and wires. As he put the wires to the box and closed the current the wired suddenly glowed. He made a magnificent discovery that would give light before you without having to light a candle. With the...
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