Antarctica and Argentina

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Denise Broers
Mr. Rodriguez
Geography 1
9 september 2009
Argentina occupies most of the southern part of South America. Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, and Bolivia lie on its northern borders. Argentina’s eastern coastline is washed by the Atlantic Ocean. Its southern tip reaches almost to the continent of Antartica. Argentina’s varied geography includes the Perito Moreno glacier in the southern Andes. This is one of the few glaciers in the world still advancing.

Argentina has 1,056,640 square miles making it South America’s second largest country, after Brazil. Argentina has a wide variety of landscapes including mountains, forests, plains, and deserts. The Iguacu Falls onareas stretch across northern Argentina. To the west, great forests cover the Gran Chaco. To the east, hot, humid grasslands abound. Farmers raise livestock and grow crops in the fertile soil.

The Andes tower over the western part of Argentina. Snow-capped peaks and clear blue lakes draw tourists who come to ski and hike. Mount Aconcagua soars to height of almost 23,000 feet and is the highest mountain in the Western Hemisphere. East of the Andes is a region of rolling hills and desert valleys. Farmers use mountain stream water to grow sugarcane, corn, and grapes.

In the center of Argentina are treeless plains know as the Pampa. The Pampa spreads almost 500 miles from the Atlantic coast to the Andes. Argentina’s economy depends of this region’s fertile soil and mild climate. Most of Argentina’s urban areas are here with more than two-thirds of the population living here. Buenos Aires, The capitol and largest city, lies in the area where the Pampa meets the Rio de la Plata.
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