Ant Farm

Topics: Ant, Leafcutter ant Pages: 2 (611 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Preparation Outline

At the end of my presentation, the audience will come to realize how majestic the ant kingdom is and how the inner works of their cities resemble that of humans.

Most of you have probably heard or read about the amazing capabilities of non-human organisms to communicate and interact with one another. But have any of you really seen the interworks of such species’ societies? One specific organism of leaf cutter ants may surprise you, as you will witness the astonishing similarities they share with our society.

Central Idea
An underground city formed by the leafcutter ant, which includes extensive highways, paths, and gardens, was found covered beneath the earth in Brazil.

We are better informed of the doings of this super organism by first understanding the steps that were taken to excavate the underground ant city, then realizing what was found, and finally, comparing the megalopolis to the human equivalence of a city.

Body Outline
I. The steps taken to excavate the underground ant city
A. The scientists’ first job was to measure the flow and composition of air in the plumbing system of the ducts. 1. A machine was used to sample the air in order to figure out which chimney does what. Each vent was then marked yellow indicating the expulsion of carbon dioxide or red indicating the inflows of fresh air. B. Next, the scientists had to dig into the system to discover where the ducts lead and what is driving the circulation of air. C. Finally, the vents were filled with cement.

2. The amount of cement that they had to use was incredible. It took them three days until ten tonnes of cement vanished into the tubes. 3. A month later, after the cement dried, they began the excavation. It took weeks to uncover the secret megalopolis of the ants. II. What was found

D. The Grass Cutter ants have two types of chambers. One where they dispose of...
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