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Ant Bio Diversity

By | Feb. 2011
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from the Arctic Circle to the Equator (Brian, page 27, 1978), although they are absent from Iceland, Greenland and Antarctica (HoÈ lldobler and Wilson, 1990). These ants play an important role in the ecosystem of Toledo as well. They turn soil, recycle nutrients and are predators to other insects. Tetrramorium caespitum aka pavement ants are the most common type of ant found in Toledo. Most colonies are located under sidewalks, building slabs, and large rocks in hot urban areas. (environmental lab course pack) Materials & Methods

The direction and primary focus of this study is to determine and compare pavement ant diversity and assess the abundance of the ant in three different urban habitats on the Toledo campus and to examine different specie diversity among habitats. I hypothesize that the pavement ants will thrive in the warmest climate with least pollution from human interference and natural enemies. Materials & Methods

Our class was divided into 3 groups for the 3 different habitats we were comparing. The 3 habitats that were chosen were the Campus Garden, Sidewalk, and Riparian Habitats. The camous garden was a little plot of land across from the Law building. The sidewalk area was located out in front of Bowm-Oddy. My group chose the Riparian habitat which consisted of the side of the hill next to the pedestrian bridge on the west side of Carlson library. Each group set up a 16x20 grid with plot/flags spaced 2 meters apart from one another. At the base of each flag a pinch of tuna was placed to attract the ants. We then waited 20 minutes and observed the activity.

After 20 minutes we checked each plot in the order we placed them to see if any ants were present. If a plot had any ants we collected them into and placed them into vials for later analysis. Each plot had a unique vile that corresponded to that plot so we could late measure species richness. Each plot was marked so we knew exactly which areas contained species richness. After we got...

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