Answers Guiding Questions Scrivener

Topics: Education, Teaching, Learning Pages: 3 (1131 words) Published: January 2, 2013
Answers Guiding Questions Scrivener

By: Julia Klok0791466

Pp 9-23

1. To make you understand why you are teaching a certain way, develop your own teaching method and so that you can use your creativity in new situations. 2. To let the students work on their own creative ideas. She is not guiding them into a certain way with her suggestions. Only the group that got stuck needs an interference. 3. He lets them talk with peers, which is ‘safer’ than talking to al whole group. The students whom are talking in their own language are getting encouragements from Paoli. 4. By ‘traditional teaching’ Scrivener means when the teacher is in front of the class, the students are sitting behind their desks and listening to the teacher who is mostly talking. 5. The teacher has to set the example for the students. If possible, both should talk English. But in some situations, like when explaining grammar of correcting a student’s behaviour, a teacher can speak their own language. 6. Rapport is having contact with the students. This is important so the teacher can relate to the students an can talk whit them on their own level. 7. The explainer is using ‘traditional teaching’. Most of the time he is talking and the students listen. The involver is using a different method. She is trying to activate the students and making sure the students are using the new language. 8. I think the last step. Because you have done something, already reflected and drawn a conclusion and then learning from the conclusion and using the experience in a new situation. 9. The traditional teaching methods can prevent learning. The student is doing nothing but listening. Using the language in a playful manner will help the students learn better. 10. Because students should use the language themselves. Only talking about it is not helping the students to learn the language.

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1. An observation or a comment.
2. That often not only the speaking-skill...
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