Answer an Advantage of Community Service Is That It Can Enhance Your Resume. a Disadvantage of Community Service Is That It Can Be a Form of Punishment.

Topics: Infrastructure, Agriculture, Public works Pages: 5 (1343 words) Published: March 8, 2013
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| Chapter 6Other InfrastructureSEC. 46. Agriculture and Fisheries Infrastructure Support Services. – The Department of Public Works and Highways, the Department of Transportation and Communications, the Department of Trade and Industry and the LGUs shall coordinate with the Department to address the infrastructure requirements in accordance with this Act: Provided, That, the Department and the LGUs shall also strengthen its agricultural engineering groups to provide the necessary technical and engineering, support in carrying out the smooth and expeditious implementation of agricultural infrastructure projects.SEC. 47. Criteria for Prioritization. – The prioritization of government resources for rural infrastructure shall be based on the following criteria:a) Agro-industrial potential of the area; b) Socio-economic contributions of the investments in the area; c) Absence of public investment in the area; and

d) Presence of agrarian reform beneficiaries and other small farmers and fisherfolk in the area.SEC. 48. Public Infrastructure Facilities. - Public infrastructure investments shall give preference to the kind, type, and model of infrastructure facilities that are cost-effective and will be useful for the production, conservation, and distribution of most commodities and should benefit the most number of agriculture and fisheries producers and processors.SEC. 49. Private Infrastructure Facilities. – For instrastructure facilities primarily benefiting private investors, the State shall facilitate the purchase and use of such facilities and shall keep to the minimum the bureaucratic requirements for the these type of investments. Private investors include cooperatives or corporations of agriculture and fisheries producers and processors.SEC. 50 Public Works Act. – The Department of Public Works and Highways shall coordinate with the Department for the purpose of determining the order of priorities for public works funded under the Public Works Act which directly or indirectly affect agriculture and fisheries.SEC. 51. Fishports, Seaports and Airports. - The Department of Transportation and Communications, Philippine Ports Authority and Philippine Fisheries Development Authority shall coordinate with the Department for the purpose of determining priority fishports, seaports and airports and facilitating the installation of bulk-handling and storage facilities, and other post-harvest facilities needed in order to enhance the marketing of agriculture and fisheries products: Provided, That fishports, seaports and airports are also equipped with quarantine, sanitary and phytosanitary centers. The department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) shall have the mandate to cancel arrastre and cargo handling franchises among operators whom it deems inefficient and/or ineffective owing, but not limited to, a past history of under-capitalization, lack of equipment and lack of professional expertise. The DOTC shall recommend to the Philippine Ports Authority and consult with ship-owners and ship-operators in assessing the cargo-handling capabilities of cargo operators prior to extending new franchises or awards.SEC. 52. Farm-to-Market Roads. – The Department shall coordinate wit the LGUs and the resident-farmers and fisherfolk in order to identify priority locations of farm-to-market roads that take into account the number of farmers and fisherfolk, and their families who shall benefit therefrom and the amount, kind and importance of agriculture and fisheries products produced in the area.Construction of farm-to-market roads shall be apriority investment of the LGUs which shall provide a counterpart of not less than ten percent (10%) of the project cost subject to their IRA level.SEC. 53. Rural Energy - The Department shall coordinate with the...
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