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Ansoff Matrix
= The product/market grid

What is the Ansoff Matrix?
The Ansoff Matrix, designed by Igor Ansoff, classifies and explains different growth strategies for a company. This matrix is used by companies which have a growth target or a strategy of specialization. This tool, crossing products and markets of a company, facilitates decision making. The Ansoff matrix offers four strategies to achieve the objectives.  Penetration of the market ;  Extension of the market ;  New products ;  Diversification.

Golden rules
 Opportunity = the matrix provides not only the opportunity to expand on an existing market but one can also explore the possibility to withdraw from the market or find new markets.  Risk = each strategy will have a different risk level. This risk increases proportionally with the level of change. Diversifying is more risky than increasing the penetration of a product on an existing market.

Products new Markets existing Penetration of the market Extension of the market existing New products



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Ansoff Matrix
= The product/market grid

Structure of the Ansoff Matrix
 Penetration of the market The company is trying to expand its sales in the existing market. Existing products are sold to existing customers. The product is not modified but the firm is seeking to increase its revenues by means of promoting or repositioning its products. One has to convince potential clients and divert competitors.  Extension of the market The company is trying to increase its sales by introducing its products into new markets. A range of existing products is introduced into new markets. Again the product is not modified, it will just be sold to a new target (e.g. through export). By taking into account cultural differences, the products may undergo minor changes.  New products The company is increasing its...
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