Anselms Argument

Topics: Ontology, Existence, Metaphysics Pages: 2 (835 words) Published: December 7, 2012
Anselm’s argument works in many ways. Many people believe in god and many people don’t. We understand what god is, just as we understand what god is not. However, most arguments for god’s existence rely on at least one or more empirical premises. With most arguments, from the first premise you’ll understand how to get to the second premise. Some will also believe that the existence in reality is greater than the existence in the mind. This overall says that the physical world is greater than the intangible world, which includes god because he is in the mind. This is where contradiction takes place. Since god is something than that of nothing else greater can be conceived, he will be greater than the physical world. Gaunilo didn’t look at it this way. Gaunilo’s criticism says that if this is such a great argument, why can't he use it to prove the existence of something else. Gaunilos criticism is convincing because it makes more sense. If something is possible for one thing than it should be possible for others as well. Gaunilos criticism proves that there are weaknesses in Anselm’s argument. Anselims argument cannot be applied to islands or anything else whose nonexistence is conceivable. Islands are conceivable without a contradiction but god is not conceivable without a contradiction. Anselm’s argument only works for god, which in a way makes sense. It makes sense because god and only god is something than of nothing greater can be conceived. So in a way he is putting god as something that stands alone. His argument also stress the fact that god is the most real and all other things in the world are emanations. Anselims argument is convincing because God is widely known to be something that nothing else in the world or universe can over power. Also, from Anselims view, god created the universe and everything in it so it isn’t possible for anything to be greater than the creator of it all. But Anselm believes he is not just comparing ideas. His comparison is...
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