Anselm and Aquinas

Topics: Existence, Metaphysics, Ontology Pages: 4 (1560 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Anselm and Aquinas
Can god exist in this world? To both Anselm and Aquinas he did exist both had their own way of showing it but both decided to write about it. Saint Anselm served the church as a prior, abbot, and Archbishop; he was from Aosta, Italy and was born around 1033. Thomas Aquinas a scholar priest was born in Roccasecca, Italy around 1224. These men lived 200 years apart but had the same feeling that God did exist. They believed so much in God that they both were men of the church. In this essay I will explain what they believe about god; how they agree and don’t agree in certain topics; what they (Anselm and Aquinas) replied to people that wrote to them about how they (people) doubted God.

God – “a being than which no greater being can be conceived.” (Anselm) Anselm understands the relationship with existence and reference it can be seen in his argument makes a reliable point of God’s existence without connecting him directly to an ontology theory. He explains the difference between "existence in the understanding" and "existence in reality". Anselm says when something exists in a person’s understanding it just means that the person has the general notion of the thing. Anselm also says that if something exists only in the understanding it doesn’t really exist, all we have that exist is the concept of that thing. It means what really exist is more perfect then what does not exist. Existence improves the possessor which can be better to have you feel better about life or about how you live it. People who lack the belief of God tend to not be trusted since they are thought of as unreliable. God’s existence in reality is capable of being imagined but it is unthinkable to think of anything which is greater then God. Anselm makes it clear about anyone who says that they understand his quote “that than which nothing greater can be thought of” has to think of something than which nothing greater can be thought of since it is being thought, as an object....
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