Another Regrets of Premarital Sex

One of the most painful, and yet overlooked aspects of sex outside marriage is emotional scars. What might start as fun, exciting and romantic can end in a lifetime of painful memories. The silent torment which can last a life time is illustrated in the following true story which was recently submitted to Aim for Success.

I was married at the age of 31. My husband, a physician, was 27. He gave me the gift of his virginity the night we were married. My gift to him was herpes. Soon after our honeymoon he broke out with sores on his penis. He suspected it was herpes and later had it confirmed. Sadly, he broke the news to me. I was devastated. You see, I had no idea I had herpes. Although I am a carrier of the disease I have never had any symptoms. I gave birth to our children with no side effects to them. I consider this a miracle indeed. I don't know of a greater wedding gift a person can give their spouse than the gift of their virginity. Unfortunately, before I met my husband I lived a very promiscuous lifestyle and was unable to give this great gift to him. I have reaped what I have sown in many ways, not just physically, but spiritually, emotionally and psychologically. We have now been married many years, and when my husband suffers the physical discomfort, he rarely mentions it to me, but I know. Sadly, the love of my life still bears the consequences of my wrong doing.

This is a story of pain. His pain is physical, hers is emotional. Both are incurable. And yet, both were preventable. Had she chosen abstinence until marriage, as he did, they could have enjoyed a lifetime of sexual intimacy without the regrets of premarital sex.
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