Another Life

Topics: Love, Emotion, Vietnam War Pages: 3 (1118 words) Published: February 23, 2013
In Another Life

During the short story by Tim O’Brien “The Things They Carried” Lieutenant Jimmy Cross experiences physical and emotional discomforts due to the Vietnam War. At war, Lt. Cross bears a love for a woman named Martha. One of the things he carries is a picture of her so he can reminisce about the times he spent with her. Not only does Lt. Cross carry a physical image of Martha, he also carries the emotions he feels about her in his mind. Jimmy Cross would love Martha if it was not for the war in the way and knows that he would be there for her in another life. The life Jimmy lives right now does not have time for Martha because of the war. In another life Lt. Cross would be the one that would love her. The protagonist Lieutenant Jimmy Cross marches through the Vietnam, along with all of the other American soldiers, to achieve American happiness for their ally. Simultaneously Cross marches through the pain he bares for Martha trying to get done with the war to succeed happiness for himself with Martha. Tim O’Brien uses themes of emotional bearing love and physical actions due to the consequences of war to show how Lt. Jimmy Cross transforms from a schoolboy to a leader.

Carrying pounds of ammunition, daily supplies, and food can weigh down anyone. Lt. Cross, smothered by carrying pounds of supplies, begins the war with the innocent mindset as a schoolboy. Jimmy Cross finds himself in a new environment where men die rather than the normal tests and poems he considers looking pretty and sounding pretty to read. Throughout the Vietnam Lt. Cross finds himself in an ugly warfare environment. In the beginning of the war, Cross has a strong affection towards Martha, better known as an obsession. By the end of the war, his affection has waned off. Throughout his time of war he witnesses a major killing within the platoon. The death of Ted Lavender creates a new way Lt. Cross would conduct himself. This is an action that will signify the letting go of an...
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