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Anorexia Nervosa 22

By | October 2008
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People with anorexia nervosa do not eat enough to keep their body working properly. They lose too much weight and become weak and unhealthy because of a poor diet. Often, people with anorexia exercise too much trying to burn up the food they eat. They "feel fat" even when they are losing weight. They may convince themselves and those around them that they are not hungry. People with anorexia sometimes take diet pills to control hunger and to try to lose weight. These pills often make girls feel anxious or nervous. Others may drink beverages with caffeine, which can give a false sense of energy. People with anorexia often have emotional issues such as low self-esteem and obsessive thoughts and behaviors. The key elements of anorexia nervosa are: losing weight below a normal weight, having disordered thoughts about one's body size, and being fearful of becoming fat.

Girls with anorexia may have dizziness, heart problems, low blood pressure, low temperature and fainting spells. Anorexia causes hair and fingernails to become brittle and loss of hair on the head. Dry skin, dehydration, and constipation are also symptoms of anorexia. Girls with anorexia often feel depressed, tired and cold. Anorexia also causes lanugos, which is the growth of soft furry hair on face, back and arms. Anorexia can result in slow or stunted growth. Menstrual periods usually stop since there is not enough estrogen to maintain the body's normal function. Not having enough estrogen or other hormones can lead to osteoporosis or weak bones. The combination of osteoporosis and over exercising can lead to stress fractures. Bulimia nervosa is another type of eating disorder. Individuals who have bulimia often binge, eating a lot of food out of control even if they are not hungry. People with bulimia often feel they have no control over their eating. After bingeing, he/she feel guilty and anxious and then they want to get rid of food by vomiting or by exercising. People with bulimia may...

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