Anorexia: Acknowledgement of the Research

Topics: Citrus, Orange, Fruit Pages: 12 (2759 words) Published: February 25, 2013

This research is a product of thousands of hardwork of many people. Sincerely, we would like to thank the people who helped us. This research will not be a success without all of you.
Our source of inspiration is our beloved families, loved ones and friends.
We would like to give special thanks to the following people:
Ms. Kristine Castro, for being kind to us and for assisting us during our research.
Families, for being helpful and for being our inspirations.
II-Kepler students, for being helpful and always there for us and making us happy.
Most of all, thank you God for guiding us in doing this research study.
We are grateful to all these people. We love you all.


With love and respect, we dedicate this research study to the people close to our hearts. Mrs. Daisy Cubales, our beloved adviser. Mr. Manuel Bagtas, may he face his struggles with the guidance and presence of God Almighty. For the future researchers, may this give you inspiration to always be great.

May God Bless you all.


Pesticides are commonly used nowadays to prevent the increase in population of pests that destroy crops and other plants. It is needed to protect the crops from destruction caused by unwanted pests such as slugs and the like. That’s why it is one of the major needs of the farmers and other plant growers. The increasing price of pesticides has led the researchers to conduct a study if citrus fruit peels can be used as a cheaper and alternative pesticide.

This study will focus on the production of an organic pesticide from citrus fruit peels. The use of citrus fruit peels as a substitute for pesticides will follow simple steps: grating, boiling and straining. The result of this test and study will be recorded based on the effectiveness of the alternative pesticide.

This study will prove the effectiveness of the use of citrus fruit peels as an alternative pesticide.

Chapter I
The Problem and Its Background
Organic pesticides are made from organic and natural materials. This study aims to produce an organic pesticide out of citrus fruits as a substitute for the commercialized pesticides sold in the market nowadays. The said study uses citrus fruit peels to remove unwanted pests such as slugs, ants, snails and the like. The researchers’ main goal for the study is to produce a chemical-free and eco-friendly pesticide, which would be convenient, cheaper compared to the commercially-produced pesticides and safer, especially for households with children in it. The produced material is said to be earth-friendly since the researchers agreed to make it an organic pesticide, meaning only pure citrus fruits are to be used in the study. Also, no waste products are to appear because rinds will be used to make such. Once proven, the researchers plan on introducing it to the industry so that even the under privileged may benefit from it.

The researchers will conduct the study to be of help to the people, especially the farmers and the less fortunate. To produce an organic pesticide out of citrus rinds. It will greatly benefit anyone because it is cheaper and easier to obtain than the commercialized ones, since it is a do-it-yourself activity. Freshness of the crops to be harvested will be assured because of the zero content of chemicals in the product. Another one of the reasons is to lessen the growing problems regarding waste management and air pollution. Through this study, a number of concerns will be solved using only a single solution.

The following statements state the importance of conducting the study. First, is to eliminate, the increasing number of pests in an area where plantation and fields are located. To increase their profit is also one importance of the study. Another is to plant, harvest, sell, and purchase goods which are clean, healthy, and safe to eat especially for the youngsters. To lessen the number of sick patients in...
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