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Annual Report

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annual report and accounts



Develop markets
Markets are about more than just understanding particular geographies or demographics, although both are crucial factors in marketing success, products are of critical importance too. Successful new products stimulate and develop markets. In the medium to long term, the market outlook is good for cider as a drinks category. To capitalise fully on this opportunity, we need to stabilise our existing product portfolio while, at the same time, developing our markets by being innovative in bringing forward new drinks experiences to consumers.

Deliver growth
Our vision is to be a successful manufacturer of premium and niche drinks that does not rely on scale for success. We have a state-of-the-art cider manufacturing facility. It is supported by strong R & D and marketing capabilities. We are led by a superior quality management team and have a committed and responsive workforce. Taken together, these considerable assets constitute a robust basis from which to deliver future growth.

Improve shareholder value
Our business is leaner and simpler to manage than it has ever been and it is ‘right sized’ to meet our realistic medium term commercial objectives. We have a portfolio of outstanding premium and niche drinks brands and we are committed to introducing innovative new products that will enhance our portfolio. At the same time, we continue to focus relentlessly on improving both our cost competitiveness and the efficient running of our operations. Building on this three-pronged strategy, our objective is to deliver improved value for our shareholders.




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