Annual Report

Topics: Profit, PepsiCo, Revenue Pages: 2 (686 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Annual Report
Pepsi Co. is the largest food and beverage business in North America listed in the Fortune 500. Just like all other companies, Pepsi Co. prepares an annual report every year. An Annual Report is a comprehensive report that provides information about the company’s activities and financial performance to its shareholders and investors. It helps the shareholders and investors in their decision making about the company. After reviewing Pepsi Co.’s Annual Report for 2011, Pepsi Co. presents a competitive, profitable, holistic and versatile image to its shareholders and investors by using powerful words, financial data and interesting pictures. Pepsi Co. uses powerful words to emphasize the value of company. Using key words frequently can create stronger impression for readers, therefore Pepsi Co. often use same key words thought out its annual report to shareholders. For example, the word “power” is found 29 times and “success” is found 32 times while “taste” is found 6 times in the Pepsi Co. Annual Report. Those words appear frequently implies that Pepsi Co. focus more on the shareholders profit instead of the preference of the customers. Both investors and shareholders would have impression of successful company after they read over the annual report. In addition to the powerful words, Pepsi Co. also uses financial data to present a competitive image to investors. Pepsi Co.’s annual report contains specific finance data to present the profits of company. For example, CEO K. Nooyi listed “Core earnings per share grew 7%” and “Management operating cash flow reached $6.1billion” (P3). Moreover, by revealing the rest important data, Pepsi Co. shows the increase of profit uses in Annual Report such as “Total operating profit increases 16%” (P45), “Net income rose 124 billion (P54)”. Those numbers stand out from wordy report and highlight the performance of company, which created a profitable image for Pepsi Co. In order to ensure every shareholders and...
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